The 2nd of June will be the beginning of Riders of Icarus’ Closed Beta Phase 3, ending June 7. Fans are given their last chance to be closed beta testers during Phase 3 before the game moves to open beta on July 6.

Phase 3 comes along with a lot of new content for testers to play around with, including Action Mode, an intuitive new control scheme born from community feedback. It may perhaps be for the best as new adventures will soon be coming!


Riders of Icarus released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming mounts, giving players a first look at their potential future companions. Players will be able to befriend and ride mystical beasts and harness their abilities during battle.

Founder Packs are available for purchase in the store. These give special titles, items, exclusive mounts, as well as grant automatic access to Phase 3 of closed beta. You can find more details about the packs at their official website here.


Nexon will finally be lifting the Non-Disclosure Agreement during Closed Beta Phase 3, giving players free reign to rant, rave and riot about the game in written, audio or video form for the public. Please note, however, that this only applies to content from Phase 3– content from Phase 2 and earlier still fall under the NDA.

CAPES will be available as a reward for Closed Beta Testers as long as they have completed “Salant’s Stronghold Tutorial” during the start of the game.



The Silver Cape is awarded to

players who played through 1 Closed

Beta Test.

The Gold Dragon Cape is

awarded to players who

entered 2 or more Closed

Beta Tests

You can find more in-depth details about Closed Beta Phase 3 and links for participation at their official website’s announcement page right here.


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