Blizzard released a note listing hotfixes to the latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Legion.


World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion, Legion is an undeniable success, matching the achievements of 2010’s Cataclysm. Alas, its release, which happened on August 30, is not without issues. On November 14, Blizzard released a note detailing the hotfixes to be addressed, adding that some will take effect as soon as they are implemented while others will require scheduled realm restarts. Below you can check a digest of the list or the full details on their official website.

  • sylvanasThe following classes will be adjusted: Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, and Warlock.
  • The following dungeons will have problems fixed: Hellfire Citadel, Return to Karazhan, and Trial of Valor
  • All Legion legendary items have had their level increased by 15, and all items from Trial of Valor have had their level increased by 5. The damaged dealt by the effect of Choker of Barbed Reins should scale down in Timewalking dungeons.
  • The following classes will receive adjustments in PvP: Death Knight, Druid, Mage, Paladin, Rogue, Shaman, and Warlock.
  • The weekly event quest “The Very Best” can no longer be cleared from the quest log when done by a low-level character, and Kirin Tor world quests can now appear when the Kirin Tor emissary is not active.


World of Warcraft is the golden standard of MMORPGs. Released in 2004 to massive critical acclaim, it has been the most relevant and influential MMORPG in the past decade. The game met heavy criticism from fans over the years with the release of each expansion pack, but it always manages to get back on its feet. Legion, its latest expansion, brought World of Warcraft back to the front and center of the stage, leaving other big names such as FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn and The Elder Scrolls Online to the side.


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