For Honor is an action hack-n-slash game from Ubisoft. It’s another attempt from them to make a unique IP, and many would agree that For Honor is very unique. Its use of Samurai, Vikings, Knights, the online modes, and certain combat features certainly do make it more than “just another action game.” However, as with all games, there are flaws with the system, and naturally, players will call out those flaws. Some, however, will take it a bit too far.

Reddit user Shugospam has seen first hand how far this “hate” for For Honor has gone, and it makes him really sad. So he made a post on Reddit to express how people should treat the gameĀ and Ubisoft. Mainly, he understands that people are mad that there are bad design choices, technical flaws, internet breaking issues, and more, he acknowledges that those exist. But what he hates seeing is that people are condemning the whole game despite the fact that there are many good parts in it.

” For Honor: this is a very unique game, with great production values and a combat system that has barely been explored before and never by a title of this overall production quality. For Honor is one of its kind and there’s a very big chance we won’t see any AAA game attempt something similar to this for a long long time,” he notes to those who will listen.

He begs for patienceĀ and asks that they give Ubisoft more time to fix the game and its issues.

For Honor

Many people responded, and not all were positive with what he said. Many noted that Ubisoft had their chance to “fix” these problems with the numerous alphas and betas that they had. One of which took place right before launch. Others just stated that since it’s Ubisoft, it’s doomed from the start.

Some though responded well to Shugospam, and stated that people should be more forgiving with Ubisoft and For Honor.

“Excellent and simple post and probably the most intelligent I’ve seen in here. People bash me for defending this game. You sir, get it. Yes there are flaws – but I too want to see this game succeed,” said user Sweetmilken.

Where do you stand on For Honor? Let us know in the comments below.


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