HITMAN - Elusive Targets

On Friday, May 13th, Square Enix set loose the first Elusive Target in their episodic assassination game, HITMAN. An Elusive Target is someone that players must kill within a limited time frame. Failure to do so is immensely punished because a second-chance is not available. This fact creates a tense and exciting experience when hunting Elusive Targets. Only the most experienced hitmen will succeed in executing their mark. This is made evident in the statistic revealed by Square Enix, which stated only 53% of players successfully assassinated the first Elusive Target. If you missed your attempt at the first Elusive Target, fret not, because the second Elusive Target is set to be appear on May 27th.

HITMAN - 2nd Elusive Target

Information about the second Elusive Target is very limited. Only his appearance, his title, ‘The Congressman’, and his location, Sapienza, Italy, has been revealed. Due to the Elusive Target being located in Sapienza, players must have purchased ‘Episode 2 – Sapienza’ in order to participate in the event.

If the first Elusive Target was any indication of the difficulty of succeeding such contracts, players are highly encouraged to hone their assassination skills before pursuing ‘The Congressman’. Failure is an important step in the learning process, but what happens when only a single chance exists? Stay calm, prepare, and show the world your assassination mastery on May 27th, fellow hitman.

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