HIT, or Heroes of Incredible Tales is a mobile dungeon crawler RPG where you must choose your hero and then go off to face dangerous monsters. You won’t be lacking power since each character has special abilities that you can use to create devastating attacks that’ll cripple all in front of you. Plus, you can now play the game with friends via co-op and go battle monsters together.

The game has had a slew of updates recently. First off, part 2 of the cinematic opening of the game has been released. You can see it below.

Then, an update was made available for the game and should be uploaded to all who have downloaded it. The Patch Notes describe just what has been added, including gameplay updates, mechanic tweaks, and more. Here is the basic breakdown.

In terms of weapons and armor, you can now upgrade your armor to Lvl. 40. Plus, there will be an extra option for weapons that have reached this level.

For the co-op dungeons, which are a recent feature to HIT, the number of players you can co-op with is now 3. Furthermore, there are three co-op dungeons you can participate in: Gross Farm, Rotumella Castle, and Rolatt Dungeon.

But, since you need points to do these co-op dungeons, the team will be providing 10 points per day and will give players 10 points if they pay up 500 gems.

If you’re looking to test yourself as you try and go up in the ranks of HIT, then you’ll want to try the new Seal Defense event. In it, you’ll be able to face the Immortal Moot in one-on-one combat. Note that this event will only be available if you clear Tarant 2-5. Also, you need to have 20 points in order to participate. You will be graded based on what you do to Immortal Moot. The better you do, the better the reward you will get.


HIT is free to download on mobile platforms, so don’t be afraid to try it out.


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