KOG Games has released on their official HeroWarz YouTube channel a new promo trailer for the upcoming game. We already talked about HeroWarz when the game started its closed beta adventure. If you didn’t already, you can check it right here.


From what we’ve seen the video is nicely done, and pretty much covers all the aspects of the game. It is an action-packed trailer that shows off all classes in the game and gives a glimpse of the gameplay with each one. Additionally, the overall look at the levels and combat was really nicely done, with a lot of colors and special effects. The show was perfectly dosed, just enough to make you want to try it out.

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Developers of this game are quite optimistic about this one and surely like to show it.

“HeroWarz is the ultimate action RPG where you select and cultivate unique heroes to build your own personal assault force. Get ready for the most addicting, fast-paced, action-packed battles, and let this one-of-a-kind gaming experience breathe excitement back into your ‘virtual’ reality.”

This trailer definitely got us pumped, so we can’t wait for the game to be live.


Are you as excited as we are? Did you participate in the closed beta? Let us know in the comment section below!

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