Heroes of the Storm was officially released more than a year ago on June 2nd, 2015. Anyone that hasn’t been following the game will be surprised to learn that Heroes of the Storm was still in preseason until now. In a recent article post on the official Heroes of the Storm website, Blizzard has revealed information regarding Ranked Season 1.

Heroes of the Storm - Logo

Season 1, and presumably subsequent seasons too, will last approximately 10 weeks. Season 1 started on Tuesday, June 14th, and will run until around August 23rd. The end of Season 1 is the same as the beginning of Season 2. In other words, there are no breaks planned between each season.

By achieving certain leagues during the ranked season, players will qualify for a variety of prizes which include portraits, a mount, and gold. The rewards between Hero League and Team League will differ. A complete list of the rewards for both leagues is provided below:

Heroes of the Storm - Ranked Season 1 Rewards

Hero League portraits:

Heroes of the Storm - Ranked Season 1 Portraits

Team League portraits:

Heroes of the Storm - Ranked Season 1 Team Portraits

Elemental Lizard mount:

Both the portraits and mount look absolutely stunning, and I, for one, cannot wait to unlock them for myself! For more information about Heroes of the Storm’s Ranked Season 1, check out the official post by Blizzard. What are you waiting for? Go and dominate the ladder to get your hands on the epic loot!

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