Heroes of the Storm tries to ensure fresh and exciting content for its players by giving special contents, or gameplay platforms for them to have fun, and doing it with great regularity. Now, the game is starting off the new year with a new event: Mage Wars:

Yep, this week’s Heroes Brawl is Mage Wars. But what is mage wars? Well, it’s like what you think, a contest where you’ll have to the arcane, fel, voodoo, and chronal arts in a mystical battle of the magical variety. And who doesn’t love that? Be the first team of spell-slingers to take down the enemy core on Tomb of the Spider Queen and claim victory!

Ok, synopsis over, what are the rules right? Well, here’s how the Mage Wars break down. In regards to who you’re playing as, you’ll choose from one of three randomly selected Mage Heroes. That’ll happen before the battle starts. All battles will be in the Tomb of the Spider Queen. Be ready to pick before you enter though, as you’ll only have 30 seconds to pick you Champion.

Heroes Of The Storm Mage Wars

To be clear, there are no talent or level restrictions, so anyone can partake in these. All Mana regeneration is increased by 50% for all Heroes no matter the choice, also all spells deal double damage to structures.

The first team to destroy the enemy Core wins! If you complete three of these matches, you’ll get 1000 gold and a special Mage portrait.

So, if you’re looking to kick off your Heroes of the Storm year in style, it appears these Mage Wars will be a great place to start. Who will you use to rise to the challenge?


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