Kickstarter keeps getting more gaming projects, many of which get funded successfully. This time, the game is World of Nyms. World of Nyms is a game set in a colorful universe, that combines the genres of Action and RPG.

World of Nyms

In the game, you get to play as three characters, each one having unique special abilities. These are your heroes and you can switch from one to another at any given moment. You use them in order to save the God of Light, Bennu. Bennu is a god whose wings were broken by a violent creature known as Hukka, the Wolf of Chaos. While Bennu was on the brink of death, he put together all of his remaining strength in order to create the three heroes that you play as. Hukka is known to be a creature made purely out of evil, and now that Bennu is gone, the Guardians need your help to defeat him. You will use these three heroes while leveraging each of their unique powers in order to collect Bennu’s lost Fairy Feathers, which are the only source of life left of the God of Light. These feathers will restore his strength and you’ll need to find the feathers before heading out and fighting such a menace.

World of Nyms

The team behind World of Nyms, Antecime Studios, consists of developers that worked on games such as Rayman Legends (Ubisoft), Beyond: Two Souls (Quantic Dreams), Warhammer Space Hulk: Deathwing (Streum On Studio), among some others. So don’t be surprised if you find some similar elements from those games.

The €40,000 goal is a pretty big one. Currently, there are only 51 backers that pledged €2,384, but the project still has 36 days to go. If you want to help them out or just check for more info, take a peek at their project over at Kickstarter.


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