Today, developer Zero Gravity announced that Hellion, their upcoming First-Person Space Survival game (with some multiplayer sandbox elements as well) will be reaching Steam Early Access. The game will reach Steam in January of 2017.

Hellion blends quite a few genres into its formula. The environment is dangerous, but resting isn’t an option. Other players serve as a real threat as well.

cargo-arena03Hellion takes place in a solar system far from Earth, and takes place in the far future. This solar system is the target of interstellar colonization, yet traveling is done in a cryogenic stasis.

The stasis ends an entire century later, and everyone wakes up, surprised by the nightmare they find. The next rescue operation is fifty years away, so society turns into a true anarchy. Violence rules over a disparaged economy.

Aside from this, others are trying to discover a lot about their own history, and put together the pieces of this fractured reality.

The only locations that still work as planned are outposts and shuttle crafts. Crafting will be absolutely necessary as otherwise, survival is a true gamble. There is quite a bit of modularv function in equipment and ships, and players will have a lot of control over their gameplay experience.

Hellion is coming to Steam Early Access in January of 2017. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.


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