Ever since adopting a free-to-play model, Lineage II has managed to stay alive, even though it launched on  October 1, 2003,  in South Korea. Quite an old game, as you can see but it’s still being played and it’s still receiving updates.

The newest one is titled Helios, and it brings quite a lot to the table.

First things first, we get a new story, which means more and exciting new quests.  With the destruction of the Garden of Spirit,  a life support system that was stored deeply inside Giant’s Cave reactivated. That sounds like a good thing right? Well, it all led to the  awakening  of Helios and the Dreadnaught Superion, which sounds like bad news to us. Desiring more power, Helion revives his men and tries to make the world his.

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This update also comes with a flying castle! You heard correctly, Dreadnaught Superion is a floating weapon with a hunting zone for players over that are Lv 102. The raid bosses that you’re going to encounter there are Giants who serve Helios in his quest for world domination.

Factions are also coming, so you’ll probably want to help them so they can in return give you unique faction items!

The last thing that’s being added is new skills, which naturally come with the removal of the level cap.

You can check all of this in full detail on the game’s official site!

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