Square Enix’s lane-based mobile CCG, Heavenstrike Rivals, is now available on Steam. Players of the mobile versions on Android or iPhone can sync their data to the PC version. This alleviates a need to start over on a new account just to play on PC.

Heavenstrike Rivals - Logo

In Heavenstrike Rivals, players undertake missions to protect the aerial kingdom Lunnain from the malicious Fallen. Similar to many other mobile games, there is a fatique/energy system in place. Each mission costs a certain amount of supplies to undertake. If a player does not have enough supplies, they must wait for them to recharge on a timely basis. As a player’s level increases, their maximum amount of supplies also increases.

In battle, players command units on a 3-lane battlefield. Each unit has a health and attack stat, along with mana-cost, abilities, movement allowance, and attack range. The characteristics of a unit is largely dependent on its class, such as fighter or priest. By expending mana, units will be summoned onto a lane to engage in combat with opposing forces as they march towards the enemy captain. Once a captain’s health reaches zero, the battle is over.


A squad is the equivalent of a deck in Heavenstrike Rivals. Each squad is composed of one Vanguard, who will always be in the starting hand, and fourteen other units. Being able to create a balanced and synergistic squad is essential to achieve victory. Only two squad slots are available initially, but additional slots may be purchased later.


Two currency types exists in Heavenstrike Rivals. Gold, used to upgrade units, and Cores, the premium currency of the game, used for everything else. After a successful mission, units in the squad gain experience, and eventually level up. As units level up, they can receive increases in both their health and attack stats. At level 15, they can be promoted for further stat increments, provided you have enough gold and the required items. Units may also be sacrificed as reagents to accelerate the experience of a specific unit through training.


Watch the official gameplay trailer to examine what combat and obtaining new characters looks like:

If Heavenstrike Rivals interests you, make sure to download it on Steam for free to begin your adventures in the world of Lunnain!


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