Hearthstone has once again released another weekly Tavern Brawl. This one is not new. It’s the Randomonium brawl, in which the cost of cards is completely random depending on the turn. The cards in your deck are also random. In other words, this brawl is pure and utter chaos. If you can navigate this manastorm and gain some clarity, you may have a shot.

HearthstoneMy favorite deck to play in this brawl has always been Warlock. Warlock has some of the most interesting legendary minions, and getting to play Wilfred Fizzlebang on like a turn 2 then pull of a coin-draw combo can really change the game. Sometimes you’ll land a Jaraxxus in your deck and that can mix things up to.

Pacing-wise, I’d recommend Mage. A lot of the Mage cards really force your opponents to play around you. Especially with all of those secrets. A 3-cost pyroblast saved my career earlier. It was quite riveting.

There’s no real strategy to this one, so if you come across a daily quest this week for a class you don’t play, you have just as much of a shot here as anyone else. Just dive right in and show them what for.

Make sure to win yourself a free pack as well in this week’s session of Tavern Brawl Randomonium.


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