Hearthstone got a new post for the players that are unfamiliar with the lore of the Jade Lotus. The game got a new expansion on the way, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan . It brings a ton of new cards that players that players will be able to buy and craft but before that a good introduction is necessary.

The Jade Lotus family contains many different races such as pandaren, hozen, mantid, jinyu, virmen, and similiar. Most of them came from the shores of Pandaria and they consist of Rogues, Druids, and Shamans. Many myths and tales are being told about the Jade Lotus, but people of Gadgetzan don’t know what the true motives of the family are. They just have one task, that is to collect jade for their leader. The leader uses the jade in order to make jade golems that are majestically more powerful than the last one summoned.


 “Ah, excellent, you have received our message. We are the Jade Lotus, and most denizens of Gadgetzan think us criminals.”

Speculations about who the mysterious leader is are wrong as many stories portray White Eyes as the leader. The true leader is Aya Blackpaw, the last heir of the Blackpaw family. jadeShe is very friendly at first, but once she reveals her true face she becomes ruthless. She is creating an army of scary Jade Golems with an unknown reason. One interesting card that is coming for the Druids is Jade Blossom.

This card brings a lot to the table as it summons a Jade Golem while also giving the player an empty Mana Crystal. This card will be able to completely change the pace of the game as it puts something on the field and gives you an empty Crystal which is huge. It is likely that the card will also give Excess Mana when Druids reach 10 Mana Crystals, which might also be a good addition to the card.

This expansion in Hearthstone is going to be available around December and it’s bringing much-needed cards. If you want to see those cards, you can click here for the upcoming collection.

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