Hearthstone has been getting a lot of buffs and nerfs over the past few months. With the entire momentum of the game shifting with the cycling out of old cards and in with the newer ones. Now Blizzard has released Patch 6.0.0 which the most important thing in this update seems to be the new adventure: One Night in Karazhan. Although the patch itself has been released the actual adventure doesn’t come out until August 11th.


The patch also had a lot of things to contribute to the game’s balance.  A good amount of minions had their mana count increased so that they aren’t broken. Like now the Slime card for example costs two mana instead of one.

The game also seemed to add a lot of aesthetic details with this patch, as each minion appeared to get an upgrade with their quotes. They now say newer (comical) things instead of the same old phrases.

They also added a surplus of golden card backs. Aside from the aesthetics the game did pretty well at adding new cards as well, nut they found a way to make all the cards synergize nciely with each other so to speak. To learn more about this wonderful patch I’d reccommend trying the game to se


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