Hearthstone is going to get a new expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Some cards have already been revealed, one of which just got leaked; Virmen Sensei.

Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Virmen Sensei

Virmen Sensei is the newest rare Druid card. A 5 mana, 4 Attack, 5 Health minion, with the ability to give a friendly Beast +2/+2 when it enters the battlefield.

The first impression is “this isn’t as good as Menagerie Magician” says Ron. Menagerie Magician costs 5 for a 4/4, but his Battlecry is “Give a random friendly Beast, Dragon, and Murloc +2+2.”

First of all, the Magician has -1 Health compared to Sensei. This makes it vulnerable to, for example, a Shaman’s Stormcrack, or even the Mage’s Flamestrike. While the Sensei lasts, at least, one turn longer. Secondly, his Battlecry gives a random friendly Beast, Dragon and Murloc +2/+2. This means that, not only the targets are random, but if you have a minion of each of these types, they all get the buff. If you want a specific minion to get the +2/+2, and you have more than one on the battlefield, you can’t choose it. Whereas with Virmen Sensei, the player can choose the Beast they need to be buffed, but can only give it to a Beast, and no other type.

But if you still prefer the Magician, it’s like Ron says, “If you got that many already on the board, you probably already won the game.”

There are synergies you can create with Virmen Sensei that you can’t with the Magician. For example, choose a specific Beast to buff. Then, with Menagerie Warden, you can copy that Beast and it comes with the buff. One bad thing about the card is, it isn’t a Beast itself. But, Vermin Sensei in Arena though, it’s a pretty good card. The chances of getting a beast to pick in Arena are pretty high. Having a card that the player can choose a Beast to buff, is really good in an Arena match. Not only do you get a 4/5 on the battlefield, but also one other minion with +2/+2.

Hearthstone community’s opinions on the recent card reveals, the YouTube user VividFlash says “Best Card reveal yet. 5 mana is too overcrowded, if it would be a beast it would be borderline okay but as it is, probably not used.” And Brett Curry, “They’re trying so hard to make Beast Druid a thing.”

If you want to watch the full reveal video, it’s on Viva La Dirt League‘s channel.


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