Things are looking rough in the Tavern right about now! The latest update for Hearthstone looks to pave the way for the latest expansion, The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

The new expansion sees three crime families in the quest for power in the dark back alleys of Gadgetzan. This add-on brings an all-new Tri-Class set of cards, with a gritty and grimy game board to play on boasting each district in the city. As well as new card backs, the update also fixes some bugs for Hearthstone. Several cards are now able to generate a history tile properly once they’ve been played, and various UI and text issues have also been taken care of. Also, a client issue has been fixed that often appeared when playing mulitple spells whilst Archmage Antonidas is in play.


The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan are shaping up to be a rough place to be, so grab your finest set of brass knuckles and prepare for a scrap. The expansion includes a host on new Tri-Class cards, which are described as “special neutral minions that break the rules to be included in the decks of all three classes and associated with each family”. The Grimy Goons will work their way into the Warrior, Paladin and Hunter classes, whilst The Kabal will appear along with the Mage, Priest and Warlock. Finally, The Jade Lotus will be bending the rules to be a part of the Rogue, Druid and Shaman classes.

Hearthstone’s latest expansion is scheduled for release on December 1st. For more information, head over to the official site here.




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