hearthstone-class-legendariesHearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is without a doubt its own game through and through. It almost refuses to abide by conventions and traditions of standard TCGs these days, focusing heavily on RNG and randomness in a way that still manages to be charming. The game’s leap into a new play style called “standard” put a lot of its previous card sets and expansions in the unusable category. In order to keep up with the cycling of standard mode, the game must now adapt, releasing each new expansion and adventure at a seemingly faster rate.

A mere two weeks before Blizzcon, the official Hearthstone social media page uploaded an interesting picture, implying that a Gadgetzan expansion might be on the way.

With talks of cleanliness, prosperity, and otherwise, it’s interesting to think what type of expansion we might have on the way. This is especially interesting as a follow-up to arguably the darkest expansion in the game.

Whispers of the Old Gods really set Hearthstone on a more aggressive path, turning the game into more of a race against the clock than a calculated strategy game. One Night in Karazhan managed to amend some of that, but we can only hope that the next expansion continues to diversify the meta.


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