It’s practically (or literally) my job to keep you up to date on the Hearthstone meta, and I wish I had more to report. I genuinely thought that with One Night in Karazhan the game was going to shift back towards the control scene. Control Warrior was the only deck to survive the Old Gods expansion, it seems. Almost every class in the game has fallen into an aggressive play style.

GarroshEven Shaman, a class that has been widely regarded as the least competitively viable in the entire game, is now one of the top contenders for aggro decks.

That being said, control isn’t even the ideal way to play Warrior anymore. Now that players have been forced to try something other than obnoxious OTK decks (thanks to the nerfing of Charge) there’s this new C’Thun deck for Warrior, that much to my dismay is actually very brilliantly crafted.

The deck brings you to fatigue, the way most Warrior decks do, but manages to play smart enough to bring the Brann Bronzebeard and Doomcaller combo into effect. Essentially, you get two more C’Thuns at the bottom of your deck, that you can play almost instantly.

Does this even count as a control deck? It’s a glorified survival game. Just outlast. I don’t like it, to be honest.

I’d put you, the reader, to the challenge of coming up with decks that adequately challenge the aggro style. Decks that shut down this burst damage obsessed way of playing, and shifts us back towards tactics.

The most creative decks in the game, decks like Miracle Rogue and such, should be what we aim for as a game about creativity, and individualized gameplay. Perhaps putting our skills as deck builders to the test is an adequate way to see where the general mindset of the player-base has really gone.


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