Harvest Moon is easily one of the more unique entries in the Nintendo franchise roster. Unlike many of Nintendos titles, it’s not an action game. Or at least, not in the sense of how we define action. Instead, it’s often shown as a farming game, or one where you have to rebuild a village to be successful. There are RPG elements abound, but it’s not what most people expect.

Despite this though, not only has the game series thrived on Nintendo platforms, and now smartphones due to a release in early 2016, the game series is set to celebrate 20 years of games. An impressive feat no matter who you are. On Facebook, Natsume (the developer of the Harvest Moon series) president Hiro Maekawa took out a post to describe not only the success of the most recent Harvest Moon title, but also, what the plans are for the future.

Harvest Moon President

He noted that the most recent entry, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, performed extremely well in both physical and digital markets, which are very big for the 3DS on which it was launched. But he was also humble, noting that there was both positive and negative feedback from both players and critics, and that all suggestions and critiques would be taken under advisement by the team at Natsume.

In regards to their upcoming 20th anniversary, Maekawa notes that the team has a “few surprises” for the Harvest Moon franchise, and that they hope both old fans and new fans of the franchise will enjoy what they have coming up. For them, their goal has always been to “make everyone happy”, and they hope to continue doing that in the upcoming years.


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