Fifteen long years since the launch of Nintendo’s GameCube console. This console housed some of the greatest games in the industry’s whole history, and it would be wrong not to do a quick tribute to the brilliant design quality of the perfectly parallel brainchild of Nintendo’s greatest minds.

gamecube-console-setThe GameCube ushered in what was potentially Nintendo’s most creative and inventive console generation to date. Maybe not because of the format of the console itself, but more along the lines of the types of games that were developed for the console. Examples include their new take on the Mario franchise, putting Luigi in the spotlight in his own horror game collect-athon hybrid. Or even the actual main series Mario game which focused on the environment and using water to remove dirt from surfaces. The overall creativity that went into these games was unprecedented.

But perhaps it was the new IPs that GameCube used to push Nintendo to the next level. Most notable is probably the Animal Crossing franchise, which made its debut in a GameCube exclusive title, simply called Animal Crossing. The experience was relatively bare-bones considering what it ended up becoming over time. Even still, the sheer level of creativity in making an IP where the main premise is that all of the citizens of your local town are animals. It was fun and new and life-like while still remaining cartoony.

Then, there was Pikmin. Pikmin brought a new layer of thought and charm to Nintendo’s lineup. On top of their seemingly obsessive approach to refining their old IPs, they managed to set the stage for a lot of major new ones. Pikmin has been incredibly influential in Nintendo’s recent growth.

To conclude, this was quite a unique and special era in the company’s lineage, and it’s nice to see that all this time later, the effects of that creativity and inventiveness is still shining through. To fifteen years of GameCube!

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