Kickstarter is proving to be a continuous source for developers to put their games out there for people to see, enjoy, and support. Regardless of whether it’s a simple indie game, a sprawling epic, or a bloody hack-n-slash.¬† Enter Blue Heaven, a game by Brainworm Games in Spain, the title is a hack-n-slash that doesn’t hold back in the action, or in the story.

For in Blue Heaven, you play as a mercenary in a futuristic cyberpunk world. But it’s a little more complicated than just that, as you are tasked with uploading the law in this world, and that means getting your hands dirty to do it.

But the world of Blue Heaven isn’t exactly what people think it is, as you’ll soon find that the people on top are using an illusion to try and bend people to their will. Your mercenary will soon try and fix all of this by seeking out those who may be able to change things, all in the hopes of not just saving the world, but saving your own humanity.

The world of Blue Heaven is full of interesting characters, ones that you’ll have to interact with in order to advance the story, and that’s not a bad thing. But what really sets the game apart is the visuals. The game uses isometric pixel art to render the world, but also, they use rotoscoping¬†to render the animations. For those who don’t know what that means, it means they drew the animations over real life references in order to get the most accurate animations. The team notes that they’re the first to do such a thing.

Aside from the hack-n-slash side of things, Blue Heaven also features RPG elements, giving you a more in-depth and personal experience.

The game has just launched on Kickstarter. If you’re into futuristic RPG games with brutality and deep story, you might want to go support it.


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