Gwenpool Gets Cheat Sheet For Vampire Issue

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Sometimes, it’s just hard to predict what hero, or heroine, will be popular upon their release. Sometimes, it’s easy, as they’re a classic hero, or a rebranding of a hero. But then…there’s characters like Gwenpool. Who was meant to be a joke, but upon one look, got huge love from the fanbase, and it’s not stopping.

As if her coming to Champions via issue #5 isn’t enough, she’s had special one-shots, and even her own solo series, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, where she goes on her own insane adventures…because she can. Well, next issue, #11, will see the unlikely character going up against a classic enemy: vampires. Though which vampire is a bit up in the air.

So, to help her out most likely as she can see posts like this, Marvel decided to “help” her out by giving her a “cheat sheet” for the vampires that inhabit the Marvel Universe. It’s quite a list actually.

You got Dracula, yes, THAT Dracula, he’s been in the Marvel Universe for some time actually, debuting in TOMB OF DRACULA #1 back in 1972. He’s been around ever since, fighting heroes, making slaves with his mind control, and almost marrying Storm from the X-Men…seriously, it almost happened.


Then there’s Varnae, who technically is the first vampire ever due to black magic from Atlantis. He killed himself later on, but then got resurrected, because who stays dead anymore?

Then there’s Blade, the Marvel hero who is part vampire due to one biting his mother in childbirth. Yet, he can walk the day and night freely, and it is his mission to wipe out all of vampire kind, and those show would align themselves with them.

Other vampires have walked the Marvel Universe, including a well-known X-Man, check out the cheat sheet for yourself as you prepare for Unbelievable Gwenpool #11.

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