Steam continues to be the service for indie developers to go to in order to not only sell their games but to go to the community to help make the game better via Steam Early Access. This is the case for the rather cut game known simply as A Gummy’s Life. Yes, as in gummy candy. The game just released on Steam/Steam Early Access today.

As for what the game is, it’s a casual party game set in a world where gummies have literally come to life, and what’s worse, they’re kind of out of control…likely because you the player are controlling them. Anyway, they’re having fights with other gummies and using the environment around them to try and get the upper hand.

You’ll actually get to create your own gummy character to use, and select your own style for the game so that it plays the way you want. Once you’re done, you’re off to fight your friends and family in a variety of very colorful levels.

The game is by no means small, and the battles can be rather huge, even having up to 16 players in one round, that’s a lot of gummies. It’s also by no means easy, the game is based on physics simulations, and as such, the mechanics of the game are easy to play, but difficult to master, so you’ll need to be on the top of your game to defeat the other players.

Between the variety of gummies and the levels and mechanics you can choose from, you’ll find out that A Gummy’s Life is really deep in terms of content. Plus, since the game is a Steam Early Access title, that means that new content will be added in for free. Not to mention that your feedback on the game can actually help influence it and craft it into a better title.


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