We all know and love Gul’dan, also called “Darkness Incarnate” and “The Destroyer of Dreams”. Gul’dan is actually considered by many to have been one of the most cunning and powerful mortal Warlock in history. He obtained his power by abandoning the ways of shamanism and betraying both his people and his mentor. The demon-lord Kil’jaeden was the one who gave Gul’dan his power.


Now, the first Harbingers animated is showing us the alternate timeline Gul’dan, and not the one of the Shadowmoon Clan from Draenor, the one from the main timeline.

The first thing that we see is that Gul’dan of this timeline is constantly being bullied by his fellow orcs. He is a cripple, and thus he is much weaker than the other orcs, which makes him hated in his own clan. Even the clan’s shaman couldn’t help Gul’dan in finding  a place to belong, so he advised him to seek out the Throne of Elements. After being cast out, he wandered around, weak and alone, until he found the place he was looking for.


But even then, even as he humbly offered himself to the Elements for guidance, they refused him, abandoned him, leaving behind only rage. And that is when Gul’dan finally found his destiny, in Fel.

Better go watch the animated short yourself, and see just how awesome Gul’dan’s story is!


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