Cars, they’re fast, they’re furious (they should make a movie about these kinds of cars…), and we all dream of having a really cool car to drive. Whether it’s a sleek looking ride, a full-on monster of a vehicle, or just something that’ll make people’s heads turn, it’s a fantasy rooted in our culture. One that video games love to capitalize on in many ways. GTA Online is easily one of the best when it comes to doing this.

Why? Well, between its vast cities such as Liberty City and Los Santos, and the fact that you often play as a¬†gangster who’s trying to live the life he wants, getting fast and cool cars is actually pretty easy. Then, there’s GTA Online, which constantly adds content like new cars for you all to enjoy. Such as their newest one, the Progen Itali GTB Custom Car. Which is available for purchase via Benny’s Original Motor Works.

As they note on the reveal page, this car packs serious speed, can easily maneuver tight turns without breaking a sweat, and if you race it, it will defeat all who challenges it. And like all cars in games like GTA Online, the car is customizable, endlessly so in fact. You can outfit the engine to try and make it even faster, make it the color of your dreams, or even outfit the interior to make sure it is comfortable to you, and you alone.

So, if you’re in the market for a REALLY cool and fast car, head back into GTA Online and see their newest model.


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