Sometimes you have to wonder if video game developers will ever run out of ideas. Then you go and look at something like EXO One and realize that’s not likely. What may appear to be a simple sci-fi game is actually a very deep exploration title that’ll have you changing gravity on a whim as you explore other worlds as an alien device of human creation.

That’s right, this Kickstarter project has you being a spacecraft of technically unknown origin, yet it was built on Earth. EXO One (the name of the craft) was a blueprint sent from somewhere out in space to Earth. Despite the unknown origins, Earth took a chance and built the craft, and decided to try and use it to explore other planets.

However, an accident in during a test run occurred, and because of that, EXO One got pulled through a wormhole, and blasted off into space. Despite the lost connection, you still get to explore, but now, it’s on your own terms.

What makes this craft so special is its use of gravity. It can make itself heavier or lighter depending on what you want it to do. So, if you want to launch yourself in the air, simply make yourself heavier near a slope, build up momentum as you go down it, then make yourself lighter as you come back up and you’ll go soaring through the sky.

As you learn and test out EXO One’s abilities, you’ll find out there’s even more that it can do, and all of which will help you explore, and there’s a lot to explore. There are 12 worlds in the game, all of which are procedurally generated and virtually endless. You can go in any direction, choose whatever path you want. You’ll be in awe of the art style and beauty of the words as you go through them.

The Kickstarter for the game has only just launched, and is seeking $26,000 roughly to make the game in full. It has until May 30th to get it. If this idea of space exploration is for you, you might want to think about supporting it.


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