MMORPGs are known for their wide array of content. However, they’re not above giving the player something personal to live in. For Gloria Victis, a new update will give you the chance to build, own, and then decorate their very own place. Plus, it’s upgradeable, and you can have it in any of six different places in the game.

So, if you’ve ever wanted your own place in Gloria Victis, now is the time to get it. As noted, there are six places to put your building in, Leaktown, Twinfall, Seaclaw, Scarsdale, Order of the Original Faith’s Keep, and Castle Audunstede. Once you build it, it’s yours, and it’s totally up to you what you do with it, how it looks, and it feels, and much more.

Plus, via the update that gives you this, there are plenty of other changes, balances, and fixes that will be implemented. For example, the combat of the game is still being improved. Specifically, the team is working long and hard to ensure that the animations for the game are what they should be. They apologize for it not being implemented yet, but it’s a hard thing to do new animations for an entire game, and they want to do it right, else fans may notice the flaws and asks for changes again.

Gloria Victis

Those wanting better items from the Smiths in the game will be happy to know that they’ve been sorted out. Now, you’ll have a better crop of gear you can get from them right off the bat, though the best stuff can still be obtained in castles.

Other bugs that have been fixed solved when tournaments were launched, icons and ID’s that weren’t correct, and more. Be sure to check out the full Patch Notes to see what Gloria Victis has changed in full.


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