Gloria Victis, the low-fantasy medieval MMORPG that puts a high emphasis on realism, just got another weekly update.


This time, we’re getting a lot of new content like 20 and more new events near Audunstede, Leaktown, and Twinfall, which will definitely be useful when you’re trying to level up your character. You will also get more reaction from the world of Gloria Victis, so try not to leave a bad impression. Ragi and Brandon also received this treatment, so in the near future, expect the latter to be moved to the recently added castle that’s somewhere North-East of Scarsdale.

Some of the gameplay changes:

  • Improved NPCs behavior in combat – from now on their attack speed as well as blocking and kicking efficiency depends on their level
  • Improved synchronization of players’ characters and NPCs
  •  Improved animation of receiving damage – it doesn’t cause problems with hit detection anymore due to better blending of upper and lower body animations
  • Slightly increased time between start and end of attack (it should minimize the feeling of getting damage before seeing animation of enemy attack with high ping)
  • Increased overhead damage modifier for Crusher’s Sword to 1.4
  • Added icons of in-game memorials and NPC targets in kill/protect events
  • Added visual and audio effects of receiving damage displayed on screen


There’re too many changes to list here, so go here if you want to see everything that was changed!



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