Gloria Victis, the fantasy Medieval MMORPG which focuses on realism, has been in Early Access for a month now. It features open PvP with territory control, non-target combat, sandbox crafting, player-driven economy and no magic. Alongside this is a deep and mature story.


Well, a month has passed since this game launched on Steam’s Early Access, so what changed? The Black Eye Games team worked very hard, polishing the game and removing bugs. 10 regular patches have been released and many minor ones too, so the game has been patched quite a lot. The servers’ performance and stability were also improved, combat was tweaked and balanced, gameplay mechanics and anti-cheat security were greatly improved to stop hackers from running lose. Thanks to all this, over 30.000 copies were sold within the month. This allowed  the development team to expand and that means working faster and implementing new features and polishing existing ones. The developers also established their office, making their work easier and improving their efficiency.

Their plans for the future include replacing the character’s model and hiring a motion capture studio to rework animations, particularly for combat, adding playable female characters, new playable factions and so on.

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