Black Eye Games’ Gloria Victis’ pitch is realism and immersion. While they have successfully applied it to a lot of facets of the core game such as “complete sandbox”, Combat is easily the feature that most people really take into account. The combat mechanics of this game have especially been worked on in order to create a fighting system that can become more dependent on player skill rather than the numbers game.


This update had the game’s detection system go through an overhaul in order to accomplish smoother and more reactive combat mechanics. Detection takes into account both distance and timing, tangible factors that can outweigh he who hath the shiniest armor. The redone detection system offers more control over attack and defense tactics during the fighting.

The ranges of different weapons have also been adjusted according to their realistic counterparts, to add further realism and variety to battles and to better challenge player skill in terms of reaction time and strategy.

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The player now has way more control over his character during battle and can better capitalize on opportunities or get completely beat up based on how well he plays.

The update also presents new art including an updated main menu and login screen, as well as a general performance upgrade.

Find out more about the game and the progress of its development at the Gloria Victis official website.


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