GIGA WRECKER has been recently released on Steam Early Access so you are able to play it while it’s in development. It’s a single-player action 2D puzzle-platform game published and developed by Game Freak, the company behind the legendary Pokémon franchise.


The game puts you in the place of a female cyborg that possesses the power to turn ordinary junk and trash into a bunch of weapons and useful props. Your task is to save the world from the invasion of an army of weird robots. GIGA WRECKER might just be the perfect balance between action and puzzle.

ARCHE is the name of the special power from the cyborg girl. It stands for ‘Arms Creating and Handling Effect’. ARCHE grants the ability to make weapons from junk, the game has a variety of weapons that can be created and every weapon has its own purpose.

The developers have mentioned that the game will be in Early Access until January 2017, and until then the price remains the same. The full game will have a pricier tag, so I recommend buying it while it’s in development. The game does not demand top-notch computers, so pretty much anyone can play it.

Anyways if you’re interested in this game, visit their official Steam.

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