Let’s face it, everybody loves a free game! And if you are a social media junkie, you could grab yourself a freebie courtesy of GamesDeal.

How, you say? If you either have 1000 friends on Facebook or followers on Twitch, Twitter or YouTube, 2 or more high-level accounts on gaming-related forums or websites, or you are the founder of a gaming group or blog then you could be eligible. Get the ball rolling by registering for the affiliates program, then send an email with your account name to affiliate@gamesdeal.com. Then, simply share GamesDeal online and provide screenshots or links to get yourself verified. Once you are verified and all tasks are complete, you are good to go. You will receive a confirmation email once completed, and rewards will be sent out before the 10th of each month.



GamesDeal are a professional and reliable source for gamers to purchase games keys. With the concept of keeping the customer in mind, the site offers cheap and secure online game CD-keys, PC codes and game time cards. Nowadays, players are understandably skeptical about CD key stores, but we have had purely positive experiences with these guys so far.


“After verification of your partnership, you will receive the confirmation mail and tasks. You will get the rewards before 10th next month if the tasks are completed.”-GamesDeal

So what are you waiting for? If you feel like you qualify for the GamesDeal affiliate program then head over there and get yourself registered for free games today!




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