You have to love crossovers, as they allow for fun and interesting franchises to blend in a way that many don’t think can be done. Some of the most famous games are crossovers, like Super Smash Bros, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Tekken Vs. Street Fighter, various racing games like Mario Kart, and more! It’s just a fun thing to do when you have the ability. For MMO’s? Crossovers usually take part in smaller scale. Mainly, the MMO developers will have characters, or items, or quests, that resemble or portray events from classic games. For Final Fantasy XIV, a new crossover with a surprise franchise is apparently coming for Player Vs. Player gameplay. It’s time…for Garo X Final Fantasy XIV.

This was revealed during a live letter, which talked about how the anime franchise would be coming to Final Fantasy XIV in a special PVP event. Primarily, they’ll swap out the “standard” player characters with models from the Garo anime. As revealed on the Square Enix forum, some of the swaps have been revealed.

The Paladin will become Golden Knight Garo, the Warrior will be either Barago/Dark Knight Kiba, the Dark Knight will also be Dark Knight Kiba/Barago, the Dragoon shall become White Knight Dan armor, the Ninja will be Silver Fanged Zero, and some other classes will be various Makai Priests/Alchemists.

Furthermore, the mounts of the game will also be getting a change, three of Garo’s mounts from the show will be in the game. Specifically: Garo’s Golden Mado horse Goten, Zero’s Silver Mado horse Ginga, Kiba’s Black Mado horse Raigo.

No word as of yet of when the event will happen, so stay tuned for more.


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