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Introduced in patch 3.5, the GARO collaboration with Japanese MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV revitalized the game’s PvP mode. The collaboration consists of a collection of gear sets, titles, and mounts, all related to PvP. The iLvl 235 gear can only be purchased with Wolf Marks (FFXIV‘s PvP currency) and the three mounts available are awarded by winning PvP matches.

FINAL FANTASY XIV‘s PvP players were initially hopeful that the event would boost the mode should newcomers attracted by the gear and mounts decided to become PvPers. Although there has been an increase in players partaking the different match types, veterans aren’t too happy with how “GARO players” (those who joined PvP solely for the rewards) treat the mode.


As noted by Lodestone user Chevronone, the surge of new players started a trend where veterans accustomed to different strategies are penalized for not focusing on main objectives. “I queue solo about 80% and I’ll be with my group around the ice, gaining battle fever while they score points hitting Ice,” he said in reference to his recent experiences with Frontline. “I’m not feeding or going off on my own, I’m just simply stopping the opposing team from scoring on Ice. I’ll see an “oh he’s a feeder, not doing objective, etc.” and then I’m kicked… with Battle Fever.”

Most other players side with Chevronone, such as user Rufalus who stated: “I think it’s a good strategy for some people to do non-ice objectives.” The Fields of Glory (Shatter) is one of four Frontline maps where the alliance’s objective is to amount more data points than their adversaries. There are different ways to achieve that, breaking the ice clusters being one of them. Rufalus finished his point by saying “The other team will get less ice points if they have to worry about the threat of losing their base and their people getting killed at spawn.”

PvP is a divisive mode in Square Enix’s leading MMORPG. Players are not entirely happy with its current state and many are concerned with the changes to be introduced with Stormblood. Recently, producer and director Naoki Yoshida shared his thoughts and plans on introducing FINAL FANTASY XIV to the e-sports scene, to which the community didn’t respond favorably.

FINAL FANTASY XIV is the second full-fledged MMO in the long-running FINAL FANTASY franchise. It is available for Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Its second expansion, Stormblood, will mark the end of PlayStation 3 support.


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