We gamers usually buy a lot of games, that we end up not even playing, but they were available for cheap, so we had to buy them! Well, if you like your games cheap, visit GamesDeal!

But today we’re here to talk about their new Premium Membership, which grants you so much awesome features. It’s a subscription that will provide additional services to all GamesDeal website users, so let’s list all of them down below:

  • Cheap Prices; Shop products at the lowest possible prices!
  • Preorder Offers; Pre-order upcoming games at cost prices on GamesDeal.vip-right
  • Free Games; Each month you will receive a free random key for Steam, Origin, Uplay or GoG all for free!
  • Premium Promotions; As a Premium Member you participate in exclusive promotion campaigns.
  • Epic Giveaways; Members participate automatically in our monthly giveaway with prizes worth up to 1.500 USD!
  • Priority Delivery; Any orders from Premium Members will be handled with special priority.
  • VIP Customer Support; Premium Members get in front of the line when contacting our support staff.
  • Free Shipping on Funbuy.com; Get free shipping on your latest gadgets at Funbuy.com.
  • Coupon Packages; Members regularly receive exclusive coupons!
  • Birthday Present; Mysterious gifts will be sent to premium members on their birthdays!

Beyond these features, you also get some daily advantages and the chance to participate in the Lucky Draw, through which you can earn nifty things like a 12-month Xbox Live Card, 50$ GamesDeal Voucher, 60-days WoW Gametime card and more. Many of us have chosen to go for the GamesDeal Premium Membership and we can only recommend it to you guys as well.


With so many awesome features, it would be a sin not to become a Premium member!


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