Competitive Play was something we all happily waited for and now that it is here, we are a bit disappointed.  Even though developers told openly that they aren’t happy with the current state of the game, we at least expected to get a nice flow of the game as we had in normals. But, it seems that Blizzard missed something.


What do you get when you play as Genji or Hanzo in Competitive Play? Well, if your first thought was family dispute you were wrong. Unfortunately, combining these two heroes makes the game crash and the match becomes invalid. This information spread fast and players started to use this to their own advantage. For example, if they were on the losing side they would just pick these heroes and the match was destroyed, together with their match history. It seems that some players care more about good statistics than about their friends and players that play with them.OW_genji_shuriken

What would you do if you were winning and suddenly the game crashes? All that time, effort and joy spent to win the game and then BOOM, play again. We surely hope Blizzard will fix this bug and put to justice all the players that exploited this bug to ruin matches for others.


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