Hearthstone: Whispers Of The Old Gods is the new expansion, released in April, alongside the format changes to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment’s strategic card game. The expansion brought along with it, Standard and Wild mode, which change the cards that are allowed in the game. These changes to the meta of Hearthstone have set a new standard of deck building, and the approach to the game, in general, has forever been changed.C'Thun

The biggest and most notable addition to Hearthstone is the addition of C’Thun. C’Thun is a legendary card that costs 10 mana. C’Thun is a 6/6 minion with a Battlecry: deal this minion’s attack damage split between all enemies. C’Thun’s “gimmick” so to speak is that a lot of other cards in the expansion buff him, regardless of his position in the game. The reason this is so effective is because C’Thun is given to players upon purchase of their first pack of the expansion. This works to create a meta where C’Thun decks are almost a given choice for new players. Decks built around buffing and summoning this card have become a central piece of Hearthstone pacing and play style. Adding to this is the fact that C’Thun minions happen to have very good bargain stats for their battlecries. Even if you’re never able to summon C’Thun you can still have good tempo, as the minions, their costs, and their stats all have major value.

It’s never been a better time to start playing Hearthstone, as the expansions and elimination of previous cards due to the launch of Standard Mode opens doors for players to keep up with this newly formed meta.


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