Head to Head multiplayer shooter Galaxy Combat Games has now gone gold, and is set to be released next week on September 29th. The action-packed PC space battle game, developed by Fork Particle Games, will pit players in a fast-paced PvP environment following your recruitment by Planet Dionos Commander-in-Chief Rog.

You will engage in intense combat matches as part of the wargames conducted in preparation for the Offensive Sting against the evil Zoknocs. Each players spacecraft will be loaded with deadly weaponry to obliterate their opponents and their bases. Those with superior combat and manoeuvring skills will achieve higher ranks.

“Congratulations to the development team. All the team has worked so hard and tried to create a unique multiplayer shooting experience for game players,” Said Fork Particle Games CEO Noor Khawaja. “We are anxiously waiting for the release date as well as to listen to what gamers have to say about it.”


The free-to-play game will feature an arsenal of weapons, spaceship skins, and several planetary arenas for you to soar through, in what promises to be an immersive and intuitive 3D experience, with participants coming head-to-head from all across the globe. Not long to go now until Galaxy Combat Games rolls out on PC!


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