So every week, I Gabriel, will be discussing some of my favourite games whether new or old. I will be discussing why not only are they good games, but why they have stuck with me. This week is South Park The Stick Of Truth.

While I am not even a super fan of the show, South Park The Stick Of Truth succeeds greatly when it comes to its humour. Stretching from not being able to name your character anything other than “douchebag”, to some insane laugh out loud moments that just have to be experienced (and in some cases just seen) to be appreciated. The game is also similar to some Deadpool humour, with some fourth wall breaks to add to the laughs. I have to admit this game surprised me, as what started out as some kids fighting each other over a twig (yeah nothing strange there) turns into an epic quest full of aliens and nazi zombies. I know.

Gameplay wise it plays just like the South Park show itself which I can definitely say is true, after the game inspired me to watch the show, which is something this game definitely does. The gameplay is a mix of exploration but mainly just turn based combat which is incredibly fun. In short this game is just a bundle of fun.

Credit: SegmentNext
Credit: SegmentNext

One thing that will always surprise you is how over the top the jokes are, such as the ability to pick the Jew as a starter class…. *sigh*. Jokes can stretch to abortions and all sorts- and most of it is just unbelievable. I do wonder how they get away with all this. Summarising the humour, don’t get the game if you can be quite easily offended.

If you get this game (which you should), prepare yourself for a fairly decent RPG inside a hilarious comedy game which is basically a really long episode of he TV show- and boy does that make for a good game.


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