So every week, I Gabriel, will be discussing some of my favourite games whether new or old. I will be discussing why not only are they good games, but why they have stuck with me. This week is Fable 2.

Fable 2 for me is always a weird one. If I was to go back and replay it, I’d likely see it completely differently, but in a positive light. My main memory that makes this game so special for me, is of me and a friend sitting in one meet up in an attempt to unlock all the demon doors- weird talking heads that each need a specific thing done in order to open them.


It was things like this, and our literal quests to obtain certain clothing items and the best weapons that created such a good lasting feeling surrounding Fable 2. The story also intrigued me too, with three different ending choices topping off a powerful revenge story. Fable 2, like Skyrim is what RPG’s should be like. I’m probably one of the only people to not succumb to the Witcher 3, and I do honestly find it just too much of an RPG. Fable 2 does it right for me, with just enough customising in terms of where to focus your skills, choosing in three different areas: close combat (swords etc), ranged combat (guns and crossbows), and magic. This is nice, and combat is made simple with the right amout of challenge- and rapidly switching between the three is a good idea.

The main story is fairly standard, most of what happens isn’t as memorable as other games (but that may be due to the fact I haven’t played it in so long) but it drives you forward with meaning, and the protagonist’s drive is the real powerhouse of this game. Fable 2 delivers my kind of RPG experience, with a lot of fun moments and subtle rude humour with a story that does make you examine your morals slightly at the end


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