Indie developers The Game Bakers announced today that Furi will launch on Xbox One on December 2nd. The award-winning, all-boss fighting game will be available to Xbox One owners to slash, dodge and shoot in an all-out assault this December.

Having launched on PC and PlayStation 4 earlier this year, Furi drummed up a lot of attention, scoring an impressive 93% positive user reviews on Steam. The game is described as ‘supremely stylish,’ ‘genre-bending,’ and ‘intensely engaging’ by fans and critics alike. Emeric Thoa, the creative director is looking forward to Furi coming to the Microsoft home console:

“We are very happy to bring Furi to Xbox One, especially this version has been really polished and features a completely new bossfight. This fight requires players to master all the skills acquired during the game. It’s a real test of focus.”


Furi is inspired by Japanese games such as Godhand, Metal Gear Solid and No More Heroes. The game features opponents designed by Takashi Okazaki, the creator of Afro Samurai. With traits such as these, its easy to see where Furi gets its energetic style, complete with an award-winning soundtrack and a set of bosses with their own unique abilities.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with Furi, check out the official trailer below. Furi releases on Xbox One on December 2nd.


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