Atlas Reactor is a turn-based tactical MMO from Trion Worlds that is highly addictive and is completely free-to-play. Trion Worlds has a job position open for a character artist dedicated to the game, which clearly indicates that something new might be heading our way.gremolitionsinc_aliencharacter

Atlas Reactor is a relatively new project that brings innovational play style with the simultaneous turns and highly competitive focus. In this awesome MMO, time is a crucial factor, as the player has to constantly come up with the right decisions to best the opponent. Each turns consists of one ability and one movement.  These are divided into further phases: Prep Phase, Dash Phase, Blast Phase and Move Phase.

Trion is currently looking for a Character Artist for Atlas Reactor to create “character assets”.

trion“We are seeking a senior artist but will consider a not as experienced candidate who exhibits a very strong portfolio.”

The job post requires a great deal of experience in the character artist field. Gamers all over the world have established a firm player base for the epic creation of Trion Worlds that is an evidently busy company, working on popular titles in the western regions like ArcheAge, Rift, Trove, Defiance and Devilian. As the gameplay experience highly depends on the Freelancer, it is exciting to see that Trion is probably planning to add more in the near future.


We really hope that they end up finding the right person for the job and we can get to see a new wave of Freelancers being added. The job post can be found here, and YOU might just be the right person to join the developer in formulating new content.


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