Blizzard is giving away free commemorative transmogs as part of their promotion for the Warcraft movie! Log into World of Warcraft between today and August 1st to claim a set for yourself. The faction-specific items will be delivered to the first character you log into from each faction. Check out the fashionable gear below:

WoW - Alliance and Horde Transmogs

If there’s anything better than slaying epic monsters and exploring bountiful dungeons, it’s doing so in fashion; however, the best equipment statistically generally aren’t the best looking. Transmogs solve this problem by allowing players to customize their characters’ appearances without sacrificing stats. The only requirements are possessing two items of the same type and a bit of gold. 

The image of the transmog item will override the appearance of the target item. It’s important to understand that the two items must be of the same type. For example, a shield cannot be transmogged to look like a sword. Any transmog enthusiasts should be very happy to hear about Blizzard’s new giveaway.

Make sure to read our other article on the Warcraft movie if you havn’t already. While you’re in the mood for free loot, also make sure to enter our giveaway of a free copy of World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion.

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