As it seems, Lionhead was developing a free-to-play card game in secrecy. From what we’ve seen on the official IGN site the studio was developing this game 18 months before they were shut down.

The news about this game is spreading like a wildfire, so we also wanted to say a few good things about it and do our fair share to help out all those ex-Lionhead developers. They are bringing the game on the Kickstarter tomorrow and they are hoping to gather around 250.000£. Their plan is to gather all that in four weeks. Is that even possible? Only the time will tell and we really hope they will.

Now, let’s talk about the game!

If you’ve played titles such as Hearthstone, in Fable Fortune you’ll feel like ” at home ” . Players can choose from eight heroes , and the main goal is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero using various spells. Additionally, they want to upgrade the overall gameplay with a 3D art style and co-op version of the game against AI Bosses.



All in all, the guys are full of many great ideas and we hope they will manage to accomplish their goals. If you want to take an exclusive sneak peek into the game, you can check it out on IGN.



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