For Honor

When it comes to intense action video games, there are those who believe in using anything at your disposal to get the win. Meaning that any technique, any skill, and any weapon or stage can be used to get the victory. But then, there are those who believe in the “purity” of the contest, and would rather see bouts of true skill rather than cheap tricks. In the case of For Honor, there’s a bit of a divide as to whether environmental kills are fair game.

Now to be clear, environmental kills are completely fair in the game, they were put in by developer Ubisoft to be another option to kill foes in their brutal action hack-n-slash game. But, some For Honor fans don’t like them, yet others do. Take for example Reddit user TSO_Vague:

“Personally I feel if the character is rep 5+ and I’m trying a new character I’m completely entitled to use the world to my advantage,” he states.

And this is how a lot of players feel, as this was an intentional feature, and not a sleight-of-hand or “working the system” kind of thing, it’s an actual game mechanic. But for others, even though it was programmed in, there is more “honor” in trying to fight foes 1-on-1 in true combat and learning from your mistakes.

“You’d do a lot better if you fought those high rep players for real (even if it means a loss for sure) and learned from the experience instead of trying to find a cheap way out,” says player crml_macchiato.

And back and forth it goes. Some high-level players say it’s fine for them, while others feel it takes away from the combat when someone can pull an environmental kill depending on the positioning. Yet, others think that if you’re in range of such a kill, it’s your own fault. But, a few think that the environmental kills should be taken out of the game completely. In an earlier Steam discussion, some players claimed that eventually, you will have to use your environment on higher ranks especially. “I get that it’s frustrating to be on the receiving end of that, but in 4v4 modes, anything goes, all the time. Especially when you consider that not throwing someone into the environment is a recipe for revenge mode,”¬†Landwalker04 added.

What do you think? Is For Honor better or worse with environmental kills? Let us know in the comments below.


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