The Nintendo Switch has been out for over a week now, and as such, people are able to formulate more and more opinions on it, as they’ve had it, played it, messed around with it, and most importantly, tested numerous games on it. Despite initial critiques about the “lack of a launch lineup”, people have been finding that the Switch does have some great games not named Zelda. One in particular may have out a certain flaw in the Switch, however.

In a review of Fast RMX (the spiritual sequel to the very popular Fast Racing Neo) by Eurogamer, fans notes a particular line of interest:

“From what we understand, there is a small issue with the current firmware on Switch which causes a slight drain on GPU resources – once corrected, we’re told that Fast RMX should sustain a full 1080p in docked mode.”

This is fascinating, as there have been many reports of games suffering frame rate drops while docked into the TV port, even games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This was more curious when you consider that players who have played these games in handheld mode don’t suffer these frame rate drops. Or at least, not nearly as often.

As the statement claims, this should be fixed, and when it does, it should improve performance not just for Fast RMX, but for games across the board. Fans will no doubt be wanting that to happen, but also, they’re hoping that the other flaws in the Nintendo Switch get remedied as well.

One of the biggest flaws so far is the Joy-Cons sometimes suffer connectivity issues, when they’re not directly connected to the tablet console, and sometimes even when they are connected. Add that to reports of the TV dock scratch the screen of the controller, and other minor flaws, and they add up pretty quickly.

Nintendo has responded, stating that they are listening to all problems and are trying to fix them. How and when these issues will be resolved remains to be seen.


  1. “This was more curious when you consider that players who have played these games in handheld mode don’t suffer these frame rate drops”

    But it’s not curious when you consider the handheld screen is 720p and the tv is 1080p.

    I hope as you say, it will be fixed though, and it’s not that the hardware isn’t up smooth frame rates on a 1080p display.


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