vampir1What do you get when you combine World War I, a Spanish flu epidemic, and vampires? Well, you get Vampyr, an action-RPG set in London. Now this is made by developers Dontnod , who also made games like Remember Me and Life is Strange, so you can expect a more story driven experience. You play as a surgeon who is dealing with the flu and along the way becomes a vampire not intentionally.

As we see our  protagonist is struggling with the urge to feed on innocent people just to survive. As we stated before, we’re guessing that this game will mostly be story driven, with a lot of moral choices on the way. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t have gory, bloody action. After all, you are a demonic nightly creature with superpowers. All this, you can see in the video below.


Accumulating  experience in this game is done either by feeding on people or fighting. Have in mind that you are a demonic bloodsucker and the villagers will try to hunt you down. The twist is that the death of every person affects the people around them, so you’ll have to make a decision on who dies in order for you to survive.

Vampyr still doesn’t have an exact release date, but the developers are hoping that it would go live in 2017.


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