Bryce Blum, a regular contributor to ESPN and consultant through the services firm Catalyst, has founded the world’s first esports law firm, ESG Law. Blum made an announcement via Twitter today, and the website for the firm is live.

ESG Law for Esports

Already an important figure in the industry, Blum has a long history in law for traditional sports. According to ESG Law’s brand new official site, Blum hopes to work “with parties throughout sports, media, and entertainment to help them capitalize on the explosive growth of the esports industry.”

Blum, from an event last year, via Medium

As traditional sports organizations enter the industry, and esports swells toward hitting the $1 billion mark, it should come as no surprise that Blum believes in the idea of a dedicated law firm. His is the first, but others are surely soon to follow.

ESG Law already has an impressive list of featured clients, including Team Liquid, Fnatic, Immortals, Team Solo Mid, Team EnVyUs, and others. Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid, cites Blum’s legal expertise specifically in the esports industry as a boon to any potential clients.

According to an additional post on Twitter, Blum also intends to hire some new help. Blum is based in Seattle, Washington.

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