They’re giving us everything except for the game, it seems. Square Enix has released new video footage of the new Death Spell from Final Fantasy XVThis one-hit kill move looks amazing. The way Noctis uses this horrible dark magic is very expressive. It looks to be rather taxing for a player’s mana, and yet, looks incredibly worth it. I could describe it forever, but thanks to the power of modern technology, I can show you the video instead!


Note the contorting bodies, and what appears to be a very painful representation of life leaving the creatures and flowing towards Noctis. It’s pretty impressive, visually. I can only imagine how the narrative will introduce us to such awesome power.

Final Fantasy XV was originally slated to launch on September 30th, but the producers felt as though the game did not live up to the graphical fidelity promised in some of the earlier game footage.

The game combines real-time action combat with the exploration of a vast, visually stunning world to create a very thorough experience. Despite its many delays, hope still remains for the game’s quality.

Final Fantasy XV and all of its death spell glory will launch on November 29th for PS4 and Xbox One.


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